Rudy Ayala Professional Handling and Dog Show Services
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Rudy Ayala - Professional Handler 

Patience, Care, and Compassion

Every dog has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every dog needs to be handled and exhibited differently. This requires a unique professional handler, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to show a young dog, or an older dog, you need expert guidance to effectively present and showcase your dog. If you love your dog, you can count on Rudy to present your dog in a professional manner with patience, care and compassion.

Rudy has been showing dogs in Conformation since 1974. He started out in
the Afghan Hound breed ring, and moved into the Toy and Working groups. He has experience in all seven groups. 



Dedicated to professionally presenting your show dog with an emphasis on team work and integrity, he focuses on developing a special bond with each and every client and dog. He accomplishes this with an enthusiastic and professional attitude and customizes his techniques to each dog's individual needs in order to present your showdog by emphasizing his or her best features.


In addition to showing dogs in the show ring, Rudy is also skilled in preparing dogs for their showing experience by ensuring that it is clean and groomed appropriately for its breed. In doing this, he focuses on all aspects of the dog, including their teeth, coat, nails, and overall condition. He proactively makes suggestions to owners regarding how to best prepare their dogs for the show ring, and makes sound recommendations concerning the most appropriate type of show lead, collar, and other equipment.

Rudy is an experienced Trainer at a local animal training facility. In this capacity, he has worked with clients in many ways and always provides clients with answers to questions. Further, he treats all clients and their dogs with respect and ensures that the animals maintain their dignity, even in difficult situations.

Because of the significant amount of time Rudy takes to build a relationship with each showdog he presents, he limits himself to working with only a few dogs at any given time.  This helps to ensure that he establishes the all-important bond between himself and each dog.

When Rudy enters the show ring with a dog that he has evaluated and worked with, it is an example of the best sort of teamwork--a well-trained dog at one end of the lead and a dedicated and focused handler on the other end!

Do I Need a Professional Handler to Show My Dog?

If you are interested in showing your dog at dog shows, do you need a professional handler to show it for you? That all depends: There are some good reasons to use a professional handler but it is by no means a requirement. Many owners do show their own dogs and win, but it takes a lot of hard work and practice.


Reasons to use a professional handler:

1. You would like to have your dog evaluated by an objective observer. AKC registration does not guarantee you that your dog is "show quality."
Not every dog born is capable of being a Best in Show winner or even of becoming a show champion. A professional handler who is familiar with your breed can look at your dog and evaluate its conformation. He or she can tell you if you would be wasting your money by trying to show this particular dog. Most handlers are honest enough to tell you the truth. They are not lacking for clients and they don't want to handle dogs that will make them look bad in the show ring. If you do have a dog they think they can win with, they will tell you that, too. If they don't see show ring potential in your dog they may have connections with other breeders who have litters with show potential puppies.

2. If you do have a good dog, you may not have the grooming skills necessary to make him look his best. This can be particularly true if you have a long-haired breed or a breed that requires specialized grooming. A good handler can take a dog and make it looks its best.

3. You may be new to showing and still learning. A good handler can be very instructive and you can learn from him or her as they show your dog. Many handlers also offer private lessons, either with handling or grooming.

4. There are plenty of owners who have developed their skills and compete against professional handlers. Many of these owners will show their dogs in small shows and have a handler show their dog at the big shows, where the competition is especially tough, giving their dog a shot at Group wins or even Best in Show.

Good handlers do not draw attention to themselves. Everything they do puts the focus on the dog and accentuates his good qualities.


Rudy Ayala (817) 965-2312
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